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The Guide To Perfect Business Headshots, How to Get Ready?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I've been doing business/corporate headshots for five years in Indianapolis and surroundings areas for individuals and business and I have collected my top recommendations about how to prepare for the day of the photoshoot. It is so important to take the time to go over the recommendations so the day of the photoshoot you're prepared and feel confident!

Tip #1 - The Day and Night Before your Headshot

Make sure you get a good night’s rest. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Avoid alcohol. Before you arrive at the photoshoot put on a bit of face powder to reduce shine.

Tip #2 - Grooming Tips Leading Up To Photoshoot

For men, getting a haircut 1 week prior to your photoshoot allows for the perfect natural-looking appearance. If you are looking for a professional look I recommend grooming your facial hair prior to your shoot day, unless you are looking for a more relaxed look.

For women, if needed, get a quick trim prior to your photoshoot for a cleaner look. Watch out for stray hairs and frizz by using hair spray before and throughout the shoot. If you color your hair make sure that your roots are cleaned up and not visible. Check for unwanted facial hair that you don’t want seen in photos. Remember to bring extra hair product to fix your hair throughout the shoot.

During the days leading up to your photoshoot ensure that you are applying chapstick to keep hydrated lips for the day off

Tip #3 - Dress To Impress

For Corporate headshots wear a suit preferably, bring a dress shirt and a tie. If you are going for a more relax look we don't need the tie. Before you arrive make sure that all of your clothes are ironed, wrinkle-free and stain free. Keep them that way by laying them out nicely or folding them in your car. Try hues that bring out your eye color and enhance your skin tone.

Women, stay away from over side blouses/flowy or too tight fitted. Busy and big prints don't photograph well and they take away the attention from you. If you want to wear a blouse with small prints please wear a jersey or jacket on top. Clothing with texture are great. Tailored clothing is the best. V neck blouses and jackets photograph well if you want to have an approachable look. Try the wardrobe in advance and make sure that you love it! Don't forget to steamed or iron your clothing and wear the right undergarment. Some blouses are see-through so wear a nude tank top underneath.

Choose colors that will accentuate your eye color or skin. Cool skin undertones go well with cool colors. Warm skin undertones go well with warm colors. I recommend you to take a look on google to understand better.

Tip #4 - Jewelry

If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended. Simple necklace, too.

Tip #5 - Make-up

Your makeup should be light to medium amount, nothing too dramatic. Avoid wearing highlighter, or any sort of sparkly makeup and contour because they don't photograph well. Trust me the lighting will do its job! Wear only a bit of mascara and eyeliner, no colored eyeshadow or intense lipstick. Try more subtle and neutral colors. Make sure that your makeup is fully blended and especially down to your jawline and neck. Remember to bring your makeup bag to be able to do touch ups. Apply chapstick constantly to ensure you have hydrated lips.


Check for chipped nail colors if you can get a fresh manicure apply a neutral color, nude, or just a clear coat.

If you initially didn’t consider having a hair and makeup artist for your shoot and would like to add one after you have booked your headshots, please contact me at least 5 days prior to your photoshoot. I promise you that hiring an on set hair and makeup artist makes all the difference and is worth every penny.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your upcoming headshots!

A great place to find some headshot poses is Pinterest or you can visit my website for some inspiration !

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